Commercial Solutions

SSC’s solution for business provide an excellent return on investment while helping the environment and promoting clean energy.

We don’t only sell technology; we sell results. Implementing a sophisticated solar system can involve considerable initial investment. From drawings to commissioning we provide all the necessary functions to make your next solar energy project a success.

Our system will generate 1800 Kwh/Kwp/Year. This is 20-30% more than what is available from other integrators. On the 60,000 sqft roof we can install a high performance 250 KW system that will yield a return of over 15% per year.

This system will bring steady cash inflow annually for 20 years. Also, the whole system can be eligible for 100% write off of capital expenditures with a 50% Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance in the first year.

Projected Payouts
System Size (KW DC) 250 100 50
Space Needed (Sqft.) 60,000 20,000 10,000
Earnings per Year* (FIT rate $.713) $ 320,000 $ 128,000 $ 64,000
Total Earnings per Contract* $ 6.4 million $ 2.6 million $1.3 million

*Please note earnings are approximate and depend on your facility’s location, architecture and system degradation over time. We will evaluate your location for solar exposure and provide you with potential earnings from your solar system.

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