Solar Solutions Canada offers a unique product line that is designed for commercial and residential solar installations.

We continue to innovate and improve the economics of solar photovoltaic systems, with the objective of decreasing our client's capital cost and increasing system output and long-term operations. Our systems are designed with high quality products in mind that carry encompassing long-term warrantees. SSC is proud to partner with Day4 Energy to offer leading solar electric modules in our solar systems. With its high power density, refined appearance and premium quality materials, these panels will provide the optimal solutions for any roof.

Day4 60MC-I. Photovoltaic Module with Guardian Technology™

Leading Edge Solar Electric Technology

The advantage of our panels is proprietary and patented Electrode technology that is used to inter-connect photovoltaic (PV) cells and collect the power they generate. This technology represents a fundamental change in the way that both PV cells and PV modules are built. The Day4 Electrode is comprised of a polymer film embedded with a number of specially coated copper wires. These wires are coated with a proprietary low-temperature melting point alloy and are designed to establish a low-resistance electrical contact with the surface of the PV cell.

This technology is a direct replacement of the conventional PV cell soldering process that is currently widely used in the industry. By reinventing the way solar modules are constructed, the Electrode technology improves power output, lifetime and aesthetic appearance. Our panels allow for some of the industry’s leading levels of performance in terms of energy generated per rated watt of power. These performance levels are validated by on-going third party field performance data at various test sites around the world.
Guardian Technology enables optimum performance from each solar electric module by providing enhanced protection from the shade.
Guardian Technology allows for the optimization of energy yield from solar electric modules under real world operating conditions which are often far from perfect. Shade from trees, building obstructions, leaves, moss, snow, and dirt can reduce the performance of solar electric modules.

Guardian Technology leverages the flexible cell layout feature of the Day4 Electrode®, creating a large number of independently.

Exceptional Performance:

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