Residential Solutions

Choose a SSC solar electric system to generate clean and silent renewable energy and you’ll fully benefit from the highest energy output available in Ontario. We guarantee that your system will generate 1800 Kwh/Kw/Yr.

SSC specialize in Grid-Tied Solar PV systems that send clean power out to the electricity grid and in turn you get up to 80.2 cents per kWh delivered. Contrast that to the 6-12 cents you currently pay for electricity.

Solar Finance. A solar purchase is a financially smarter investment than purchasing fluctuating stocks or guaranteed investment contracts with low returns. With Feed In tariff Program, Solar Solutions Canada Inc. can help you achieve a secure return on investment of up to 15%. Once installed, your solar system will start generating a steady stream of income and at the same time help you contribute to the healthier environment.

Solar Solutions Canada will design your solar system based on your home or facility’s architecture and your financial goals. The larger your solar system the more money you can earn. Financial earnings and system costs are listed below.

Residential System
System Size (KW DC) 3 5 7.5 10
Space Needed (Tilted roof, sqft) 240 400 560 800
Earnings per Year 4,330 7,200 10,100 14,500
Total Earnings per Contract 86,700 145,000 200,000 290,000

*Please note earnings are approximate and depend on your facility’s location, architecture and system degradation over time. We will evaluate your location for solar exposure and provide you with potential earnings from your solar system.

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